Court Wing has been training clients and students in fitness and the martial arts for 30 years.  He began his CrossFit training with Nick Nibbler & Dave Werner of CrossFit North in Seattle, the world's first CrossFit affiliate, in late Winter '03 while on a break from the renowned Acting Conservatory at Purchase College in New York, one of the top three Acting Programs in the US. He returned to train with them that summer and earned his CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate in July '04 (first certification outside of CFHQ), becoming the NYC Metro area's first certified CrossFit instructor. He began doing workouts in the Central Park that Fall and is the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of CrossFit NYC, the world's largest affiliate, as well as New York's oldest & largest.

He was an early adopter of kettlebell training and was voted as #5 in the Top 10 Voted Instructors in the RKC's Hardstyle Magazine, owning some of the first commercially available kettlebells in the US in '03 and earning his first certification in the RKC in Sept '06. He was directly invited by Pavel Tsatsouline to serve as an assistant instructor for a closed-course kettlebell instructor certification for the US Navy SEALs at the Dam Neck Annex in Virginia Beach. A workout he designed is featured in the RKC Book of Strength & Conditioning.

It was in the RKC he was first introduced to the incredibly innovative Z-Health performance system, a dynamic neuro-integrative approach for improving pain and performance, becoming the first certified Z-Health instructor in New York state and then it's first Master Trainer.

At the direct request of then Head Security Adviser to the UN, Kirk MacLeod, he assisted the design of the physical readiness assessment and fitness preparation  for the United Nations Close Protection Officer Certification(diplomatic security). Those standards remain in use to this day.

Prior to his CrossFit training, he was active in the martial arts, earning his San-Dan (3rd degree black belt) in Ki-Aikido and served as a live-in apprentice (uchi-deshi) to US Chief Instructor Koichi Kashiwaya for five years. In August '00 (along with his teammate Scott Bohart), he won the Gold Medal in the Overall International Competitors Division at the International Taigi Competition in Toichigi, Japan.

He has been interviewed in Men's Fitness, the New York Times Sunday Review, USA Today, and is quoted on the hardcover dust jacket for "Perfect Health Diet" by Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. & Shou-Ching Jaminet, Ph.D.


CERTIFICATIONS (past & present)


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer-Aug. ’04
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer-April ’07
  • Coaches Prep Course-April ’11
  • CrossFit Specialty Certifications:
    • Barbell-July ’08 & July ’09
    • Kettlebells-Feb. ’09
    • Nutrition (w/Matt Lalonde)-Oct. ’09
    • Exercise Science-Feb. ’09
    • Gymnastics-April ’09
    • Mobility-Feb. ’10
    • Coach Burgener Olympic lifting seminar-July ’06
    • Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting seminar-Jan. ’09
    • Carl Paoli’s “Gymnastics Freestyle” seminar-Jan. ’12
  • Designed fitness preparation program for United Nations (U.N.) Close Protection Officer Certification (diplomatic security) course


  • Strong First Kettlebell Instructor-April '13
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge Trainer (RKC)-Sept. ’06
  • Voted “#5″ of “Top 10 RKC’s by review ranking” in Hardstyle Magazine
  • Assistant Instructor, RKC Certification – April ’08 (public) & April ’09 (US Navy SEALs at Damneck Annex, Virginia Beach, VA)
  • IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer-Aug. ’08


  • Z-Health Master Trainer-Jan. ’10
  • R.I.S.T. Phase certified  
  • Strength & Suppleness
  • Sustenance & Spirit certification
  • Structure certification


  • Featured interview in “Men’s Fitness”-June/July ’10
  • Equinox Fitness Tier II Personal Trainer-Dec. ’05
  • Ki-Aikido Instructor, San-dan & Shoden-Dec. ’87
  • Gold Medal, International Competitors Division, International Taigi Competition ’00, Japan
  • BFA in Acting, Conservatory of Theatre Arts & Film, Purchase College, SUNY-May ’05