Court is the best
I worked with Court over the course a few months at the beginning of the year and his skill and instruction are top notch. I asked him to help me work on mobility, strength, and endurance with an emphasis on mobility. From our initial session through our last, he continually found the small things impinging my mobility, which in turn affected my ability to build strength and endurance. His expertise allowed me to improve gradually over time and after a while, I really began to feel the difference in my body and how it moved. I still would be training with Court if I didn’t move out of NYC but have told everyone I can to look him up. He’s the best.
— Greg Scott, Netflix Director - Global Creative Marketing, & former Director, Marketing & Strategy at HBO
To Whom it May Concern,

This is a letter of recommendation for Mr. Court Wing from the United States, a fitness consultant/advisor to the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) who in 2009 was instrumental in creating the first globally implemented enduring fitness programme in the Departments history.

Given the remote nature and demanding schedule of our Officers duties, it was imperative that the programme was able to be repeated ‘in a hotel room’ with little to no special equipment in less than 30-minutes a day. After a close examination of the operational requirements of our personnel and careful consideration of training resources that would likely be available, Mr. Wing devised what is now referred to as the Operational Fitness Test (OFT).

The OFT serves as both a pre-requisite entry test for our Close Protection Officer Certification (CPOC) course and as a mandatory annual standard for several of our specialist roles. Additionally, Mr. Wing developed both a 6-week pre-course preparation programme and a separate modular programme that has since served to enhance the operational capability of our diplomatic security personnel worldwide. The programmes focus on a range of high intensity functional movements that can be constantly changed to suit the operations of the day.

Since 2009 the programme has been found to be equally suitable and scalable to our entire Officer demographic, ranging from young fit Officers working in intensely demanding high-risk response teams, all the way through to career Officers approaching retirement mindful of pre-existing injuries and rehabilitation.

It’s worth noting that the work created by Mr. Wing has been accepted without contest and has been successfully implemented globally. I would like to stress the unique quality of this last point; as you may know, the UN is a large, diverse, multi-cultural organization that experiences frequent changes in leadership direction, training approaches, and organizational culture. It is very common in such an environment for new performance standards to be challenged and degraded over time. The fact that these standards have been so rapidly accepted speaks volumes for the suitability and applicability of Mr. Wings professional knowledge and approach.

Lastly, the fact that Mr. Wing provided this support without compensation and at his own expense, speaks to the appreciation he gave to the necessity of our teams’s success in furthering the UN’s mission not to mention his passion for physical training. I am happy to supplement this letter with verbal reference if desired, via the below contact details
— (Lt.) Trent O'Brien, Portfolio Manager - Operational Skill and Tactics, Training and Development Section, UN Department of Safety and Security
Court is an excellent trainer. He took me through six private sessions to teach me CrossFit elements. He is extremely knowledgeable about form and worked with me to make sure I had a strong foundation to move forward. He is also easy to schedule, prompt, professional and fun to work with. I would highly recommend Court.
— Lizabeth Dunn, Founder and CEO at Talmage Advisors
Walks the Talk

Court is the real deal. He showed up on his own dime on a 45 degree morning for a 12 hour day. The next day was nicer with rain. He taught a short notice outdoor certification course to 28 of the best America has to offer. All are deployed at this time hunting in some of the harshest terrain and against some of the most dedicated enemies America has encountered. The average time of service is over 10 years with some nearing 20. I can speak for all of us that this was some of the best, most challenging, most useful training we have recieved. Through kettlebells we were trained in full body training, breathing techniques under stress, and the proper way to explosively move weight while incorporating endurance. One of the most important take aways was the focus in operational durability. As the number of tours mounts, a more critical decision making process is required on the battle field. America needs to retain the experience of the seasoned operator and the training that we recieved allows the operator to srenghten and rehab our bodies in austere environments. Court exemplifies the training and theories Pavel and his training brought to our command.
— Reid Mangan - US Navy SEALs, Virginia Beach, VA
Court Wing is one of those special people who thinks outside the box using his great depth of knowledge of fitness and exercise. He saved my running career at one point. Do what he suggests; I did and benefited immensely from the association.
I am a former (a long time ago) Div. 1A soccer and lacrosse player, many marathons and 50 years of running, swimming and lately triathlons.
— Bruce M. DiCicco, Esq.
Court is a world class trainer and fitness thought leader. As a former Division 1 tennis player who has trained and competed against professionals currently ranked top 10 in the world, I’ve had the privilege of working with trainers of the National and professional sports teams– and Court ranks right there or higher then all of them. Court’s knowledge of the body and how to maximize each person’s inherent abilities and develop one’s weaknesses is unparalleled. What truly amazes me about Court’s holistic approach to training is how he is not constrained by one training paradigm or philosophy as most trainers are, and is instead able to extract the essence and most functional teachings of these various schools of thought and apply it in the most creative and result driven way. This kind of training makes sense – but try finding another trainer who can execute such a process – it took me 10 years!
I initially came to Court to work on my mobility, but also to build up my strength and conditioning in a way that would allow me to be active and enjoy fitness for the rest of my life. After having transitioned from tennis player, to sitting-all-day-in-office-guy, I needed a trainer with a long term vision and Court has been that guy since day one. Since working with Court, my lifting technique has improved dramatically, I’m stronger, healthier, and definitely more mobile. Highly, highly recommended.
— Sho Sato
Court, Thanks again for making a change in my life.

I was introduced to Court and his training by the Wounded Warrior Project initiative. This initiative initially provided me with a 8 week CrossFit program. A little history about my injuries while in the military; I was injured numerous times while in the war in Afghanistan, my shoulder and pelvis were crushed with an Vehicle IED. I managed to get medical treatment and years of physical therapy. I started off in a wheel chair and ended up walking, running, and now doing marathons. During this time I continued to have physical therapy in Walter Reed (medical center) until I was released medically from Active Duty. My body had never felt any worse since I stopped and was challenged on a daily basis to get it back to where it needed to be. I moved to New York 3 years ago and was introduced to Court via the Wounded Warrior Program. At first, I was hesitant to the instruction that was given and leary about CrossFit as a whole. I did not want to re-injure myself again and I thought it would not do anything for me. Well, after the first 8 weeks of training my body has not only gotten stronger, but it has developed into a regiment that has improved my posture, the way I walk, my strength, and especially my mental state of mind. I went ahead and signed up for the second class the WWP offered for another 8 weeks; my body and state of mind is completely transformed because of Court and his meticulous instruction.
Court is a master at all of the exercises and conducts thorough reviews of your performance. He stand true to the needs of your body and explains every, snap, pop, twist that happens. In my 23 years while I was in the Army, I have never met ANYONE as organized and knowledgeable as Court Wing. He is the epitome of a Master trainer, CrossFitt Master.

Best Wishes!

Chief Warrant Officer Four (R)

Manny Molina
Intensity and Focus

I started training with Court Wing in late Winter 2007. At that time, I had been doing CrossFit on and off again for two years. Previously, I trained with the US Cycling Federation Junior Development Team, the Turkish National TaeKwonDo team and performed at a high level in rock and alpine climbing. I’ve trained with excellent coaches including folks like Chris Carmichael, Lee Hyo Joo (the Turkish national TKD coach and three time heavy weight world champion) and Dr Doom.
Court is one of the best coaches I’ve ever come across. It’s that simple. For those who want to know more, I think it comes down to three characteristics of Court’s knowledge and practice:
1) his incredible kinesthetic awareness and ability to provide effective coaching,
2) his attention to detail and ability to listen, and
3) his quiet intensity.
In my experience with learning movement based skills, Court’s skill at identifying, picking apart and rebuilding your movement is among the best I’ve ever seen or experienced. Court’s kinesthetic awareness is amazing; his ability to effectively guide his student’s movements is equally good. One of the most interesting days I’ve had in a gym was watching Court fix a guy’s movement in KB snatch and clean. I could see the guy was out of whack. Court had him doing it right in just a few minutes. In my experience, it’s rare to find a coach who can so quickly fix problems—many can take you apart, but few can rebuild you better. While I wasn’t the subject of Court’s focus that time, I learned a lot about the movement from just watching Court’s coaching.
I think that Court’s ability to listen drives his success in coaching and teaching. When I’ve asked questions, he pauses, listens and then answers. He often asks specific questions during his reply which serve to properly identify what I’m trying to ask and makes sure that he actually answers my question. I want to do the movements perfectly. And Court excels at getting me there. Court’s intensity contributes to what makes him such a great trainer.
He is focused, all there, without being a caricature. In the seven months I’ve been working out in classes led by Court, I appreciate more and more how focused and driven he is throughout his work. I’ve significantly improved my form and fitness since I started training with Court despite all the normal distractions of work and life. Over the years, I’ve realized I can’t stand working out with people who are just “hanging out” or going through the motions. Court is all there. And, he’s an extremely nice guy.

I highly recommend Court Wing as a trainer, coach and teacher.
— Graham, Owner-Cilogear / Portland, OR
Court is in session

I am 45 years old and a fireman with the FDNY. As I am getting older I am constantly trying to find ways to be able to continue to do my very physically demanding job efficiently. Training with Court has helped me achieve this goal.
It is obvious that Court is an experienced trainer. I would highly recommend Court as an instructor to anyone interested in improving their physical ability. When you work out with Court you know he is teaching you correctly and you will not get hurt. He is very knowledgeable, he is very patient, and he has a way of explaining things that make them easier to understand. He does not move on until your form is correct.
Court is the real deal...
— Richie
Understanding Broad, Application Deep

Court is an excellent instructor, knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. He combines encylopedic knowledge with laser-like focus. I had been training with kettlebells on my own off and on for a while, but was having a lot of difficulty learning to snatch, even with the 16kb bell, although I could easily swing and clean & press the 24. In one session, he not only taught me to snatch effectively (and without banging my forearms!), he also found time to look at several other drills as well, including the warm-ups from ETK, and fine-tune each one.
I sought out more of Court’s instruction when I decided to become an RKC myself. With each session, I have seen huge leaps and bounds in my progress. Its amazing sometimes how much he can immediately improve my performance with some extremely precise details, some z-health or bodyweight drills, or simply explaining the concept behind the move and how it relates to other moves in his clear, precise, manner. He has an incredibly keen eye for detail, and has a gift for picking the few key points to focus on that will resolve everything else. His understanding is very broad, his application is very deep. His understanding of the anatomy of movement is also superb, and he is able to articulate clearly and consistently the “why” of any exercise, not just the “how”. I feel like I’m getting 2 lessons in 1 every time I see him.
Every time I leave a session with him, I not only have better technique and better understanding, but I have new ways to practice; this has allowed me to continue to make great improvement even seeing him infrequently. He teaches you how to practice, and how to analyze what you’re doing.
I have years of experience in martial arts (practicing for most of my life), bodyweight calisthenics, strengh training, and yoga, and Court is one of the best teachers I have found in any of those discipines. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in learning how to properly train with a kettlebell, barbell, or their own body to seek him out, or for anyone interested in Z health. It is time very well spent indeed.
— Jason Ginsberg, Brooklyn, NY
An Outstanding Instructor: Knowledgeable, Professional and Attentive

I took private elements (crossfit) with Court last year, and continue to train with him. Of course, a significant part of crossfit is Russian kettlebell work.
As an instructor and trainer, he is one of the best I have ever encountered. In this regard, I would focus on three key points that make him an outstanding instructor.
First, he has a VERY deep knowledge of the human body in the context of function and movement, which he willingly shares with students. This has been very helpful for me in working with and overcoming several physical injuries that have plagued me for years. Additionally, his knowledge provides a very powerful “why” element to the different exercises, which enhances the student’s understanding of strength and fitness.
Second, He is very knowledgeable in the different exercises. No gaps, no faking, no bullshit. The guy knows his stuff cold.
Third, he has a natural talent for teaching. No arrogance, no bullying, just straightforward leadership and training. He won’t let you off the hook if you are performing a movement incorrectly, and will work with you tirelessly to either correct the movement (root cause analysis), or figure out alternatives if you have an injury.
In closing, I really enjoy the workouts with Court because of his wide range of knowledge, his willingness to share that knowledge and his natural teaching abilities. At the end of his classes, I am totally exhausted, but energized and focused on returning for the next WOD.
— Ian Connerty / New York City
Outstanding Instructor

I have taken Court’s kettlebell classes at Crossfit NYC - and he is amazing. He is exactly what you would want in a teacher/trainer-he is very clear and precise in his instruction, he identifies the nuances that will make your workout the best it can be, and he is able to teach people of all levels— which is something you don’t often find in trainers. I didn’t even know what a kettlebell was when I started taking Court’s classes and now I am the proud owner of three of my very own! It is an amazing workout and Court really helps you understand the mechanics and shows you just how to mazimize your abilities -all while making sure you are safe. Plus he has a great sense of humor and is extremely professional. I highly recommend him as a trainer-for kettlebell work or otherwise.
— Michelle, NYC