In seeking to resolve my issues some medial knee pain and a tricky SI joint, I've been exhaustively going through drills from all of my certifications, as well as several other approaches. In roughly this order, I've used drills from Z-Health, Mobility WOD, Original Strength, Pavel Tsatsouline, Scott Sonnon, Eric Cressey, and Joe DeFranco.  The problem is when you do this for a living and study and read this all the time, you often forget what you already know and what you've already seen as you use and learn new drills and approaches.  I've experienced instant relief and performances increases before for seeming intractable injuries and dysfunction, both personally and with many clients, but it's still always astonishing when the problem disappears after finding that "just right drill".  I believe I've come up with a new variation on a hip adductor stretch I recently saw again (thank you Brian DeGennaro!) that I believe I may have first seen (and promptly forgot) more than two years ago. It combines elements from Z-Health's I & T-Phase, Original Strength (Geoff Neupert & Tim Anderson) and ultimately Eric Cressey for the original bare-bones drill. The problem was, I couldn't remember where I first saw it or who may have created it. It looked like so many things I had seen or done before but it was totally unique in it's own way. My variation is basically in adding the different foot positions, as well as using internal/external rotation in the hip to increase loading & mobility in the nervous tissue.  Once I used it on myself, my medial knee pain/crunchiness, instability and lack of activation vanished. Then over the course of the following two days, my pain in my SI disappeared; zero tenderness. In trying to track it down it's origin, I revisited material from Pavel Tsatsouline, Scott Sonnon, and Joe DeFranco that I believe contributed to the framework. I filmed it for your examination today.  I tried it out with several of my clients and nearly all have found it to be both provocative and very helpful in improving their squats and general leg mobility. If I've somehow failed to attribute someone, forgive me, I watch a LOT of mobility and exercise videos.

Happy Holidays,